Employment of foreign nationals

Republic of the Philippines

José Rizal

Independent father, José Rizal

pangasinan state university

Pangasinan state university


Cebu Island Tourist Destination


Philippine professional boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao

Care giver

Care giver




Distance from Japan

The Philippines is a country located in the southwest of Japan, and the time difference from Japan is -1 hour.

The capital is Manila. Other major cities include Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga.

The population is 104.92 million (2017), and the main languages are Filipino and English. The main industries are service industry and agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The currency is the Philippine peso.

José Rizal works on the Philippine Revolution and resists Spain. He was executed on December 30, 1896, but is now the anniversary of the death of a national hero, a Philippine holiday.

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Pyidaungzu Thanmada Myanma Naingngandaw


Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country


Myanmar traffic


Yangon market


Some schools in Myanmar teach Japanese.


Myanmar’s national sport lawy

Danyangji Pagoda

Danyangji Pagoda

Myanmar is a country that has borders with India, China, Laos and Thailand.

Lively markets and parks in Yangon.

There is a golden pagoda, Shwedagon Pagota.

In the central area of Mandalay, in the 11th century, there are the ruins of the Burma ethnic unity dynasty, Bagan town.

One of the three major Buddhist sites in the world.

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Dajan Festival at Takadanobaba in Shinjuku-ku

Stage dance

Stage dance 1.There were many pretty women and the men’s cheers were amazing.

Stage dance

Stage dance2.The red costume was very refreshing.

General guest

A lot of people come together and talk.It will be a momentary time with a fellow who has been separated in a distant country.

Myanmar’s Dajan Festival was held on April 14 in Takadanobaba.

Kimura was invited by our Myanmar staff and asked.

It took place in the corner of Toyama Park, but it was amazing to see more people than expected.

Myanmar songs and dances were held on the stage, and there were many shops around the venue.

It looked delicious, but I was not able to eat it because I had already eaten rice by another matter.

There were many people and I came home thinking that I want to be friends.

From now on, we will work on employment support for Myanmar people more.

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