Employment of foreign nationals

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  • Foreign workers / registration support organizations
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Employment support service. Unpack supports this kind of service.


    Vocational training and Japanese Language training school
  • Myanmar office
  • Khine Mar Win
  • Responsible personni: Khine Mar Win
  • No,227 first room kyite ka san street, TAMWE YANGON.Myanmar
  • Myanmar office tel= +959794885005
  • Myanmar office e-mail=
    Vocational training and Japanese Language training school
  • Philippines office
  • Josephine Satoh Kayemanila
  • Secretary / Project Manager: Josephine Satoh Kaye
  • Philippines office 27th Floor Tower 2 The Enterprise Center 6766 Ayala Ave cor Paseo de Roxas Makati City
  • Philippines office tel= +63(02)8493847

Career Consulting

CEO & Profession miyayashiki

January 01, 2020

Currently, in accordance with rapid changes in industrial structure and changes in workers,we will assist individuals to independently develop their skills in consideration of their own career development.

According to circumstances, career consulting is a worker consulting to design work professionally by themselves according to their aptitude and professional experience, to effectively develop professional skills such as choosing occupation and taking vocational training We support.

The concrete contents can include consultation, practical training, training, instruction, advice, information provision, consideration to the environmental committee, support for persons with disabilities, consultation of residence visa and procedures.

Employability consulting: support and measures of the ability to enable movement from current labor and ability to be employed.

Employment of foreigners in Japan


January 03, 2023

Career consulting for people who are looking for reemployment in foreign residents of Japan and those seeking work from overseas in Japan

Just by introducing a job place will not be a real help.

As a keyword of “individual worthwhile, workmanship and life design”, we advise you with yourself what you need to do.

Support to make up for lack of skills, counseling to resolve anxiety and lack of action power, what is your aptitude, what kind of mismatch with your company are you, etc.

We provide fine-grained support.

We will do consistently from support of final employment to change of status of residence.

Capability development training and cross-cultural adaptation training Employability


December 02, 2017

Capacity development that can be hired.

In case

  • ① Cross-cultural communication and business etiquette
  • ② Service Hospitality Training
  • ③ Personal computer (Basic & MOS)
  • ④ Programming
  • ⑤ Nursing Care (Initial Duty Training)
  • ⑥ Requested employment industry knowledge
  • ⑦ Acquisition of Japanese qualification

International vocational training ・ Japanese communication training


May 28, 2023

We are accepting Japanese companies to master skills and skills in Japan

Myanmar ・ Philippines ・ Vietnam ・ Sri Lanka ・ Other countries.

The technical internship system is a system that accepts foreigners such as developing countries etc.

In Japan for a certain period (maximum 5 years) for international contribution and transfers skills through OJT.

• Technical interns, under the employment relationship, labor laws and regulations, etc.are applied except for the period immediately after entering the country, currently about 230,000 residents are in the country.

Interpreter & Translation



  • Price 6 hours a day(Other consultation required)
  • • Sightseeing trip
  • • Meetings and inquiries with overseas companies
  • • Various seminars
  • • Detective and civil law cases
  • • Educational exchange
  • • Medical related
  • • Other


  • Price depends on translation content.
  • • Academic paper
  • • Business plan book
  • • Legal documents
  • • Various application forms
  • • Resume
  • • Trade documents
  • • Medical related
  • • Other

Staff in charge

  • • Chinese:徳川 琴葉
  • • Nepali,English:CHANDRA SURYA TAMANG
  • • English:ANDY BARKER
  • • Medical terms:路 日娜(Chinese)