Employment of foreign nationals

Our vision for the first century.


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What kind of era will we live in the future?

It is about 10 years ahead in 2030.

How about 50 years, 100 years away?

What is the current business environment and working environment like?

We are always living under pressure to cope with change.

Change in communication field due to dramatic development of IT technology.

Change in lifestyle by AI and robot technology. We must overcome various challenges such as labor market changes in the global environment and Japan’s shortage of human resources due to the declining birthrate and aging population and changes in employment form.

We aim to develop human resources beyond national borders by anticipating the global human resources, the new needs of the labor market, securing the employment of foreign nationals in Japan in Japan, talented people We are aiming for new activity and development of this country by seeking talent from the world beyond Japan to develop and cultural succession of various industries. And we aim for a new model state.

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